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About Arca

At Arca Securities Ltd all of our services are available in whatever combination your business requires and our services are about what our client needs.  We do not stipulate minimum contract lengths or site service combinations, and we will always offer bespoke solutions to ensure your requirements are met efficiently and your budget utilized wisely.

Arca Securities Ltd takes its position and responsibility as an Equal Opportunities Employer very seriously.  This means that it is the Company’s policy that there should be no discrimination of any employee or job applicant either directly or indirectly. The company is fully committed to providing a good, harmonious and diverse working environment that offers equal treatment and equal opportunities.

Arca Securities takes its responsibility for the health, safety and welfare of its employees and those affected by its activities most seriously indeed and as such we make sure we’re ahead of the game by using an external consultancy firm.

The well being of ARCA Securities employees is of paramount importance to ARCA Securities Management Team.  Annual appraisals are undertaken and reward schemes for employees.   The work/life balance is of primary importance to ARCA Securities and we are committed to operating within the European Working Time Directive, enabling all employees to have quality time with their families.

To become one of the leading front line security companies providing professional security solutions to the north east and west of England, Yorkshire and the Isle of Man, we need to look to our workforce.  This is why we have introduced psychometric testing to our recruitment process ensuring we find the best employees for the right job.  It is as a result of our skilled workforce that ARCA Securities is able to provide a high level service to its customers.

The provision of equal opportunities in the workplace is good management practice and to find out more about Arca’s policy please click on one of the links below:

Equal Opportunities Policy
Equal Opportunities Policy – Implementation
Monitoring and review
Environmental Policy


Arca Securities is proud to support two registered charities –  Great North Air Ambulance  and Guide Dogs for the Blind.






Our mission is to provide expert security services that exceed client expectations. We strive to achieve long lasting partnerships by providing exceptional performance.  We are committed to the principles of professionalism.