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About Arca on the Isle of man

Arca Limited is a bespoke security company in operation on the Isle of Man.

Operations director Christian Mayers along side managing director of Arca securities, Catherine smith, is providing similar services on the island in comparison to the many it offers to existing clients in England.

Catherine Smith, Managing director of Arca securities Limited- an SIA approved contractor-has many years experience within the security industry and with a solid set of skills is excited to maintain Arca's credible reputation in operation on the Isle of Man.

Christian Mayers, an old employee of Arca securities is now operational director of Arca Limited on the island. The pair are hoping to provide quality services to the island that is sure to maintain the approved contractor status.

All staff will be vetted according to British standards and SIA licensed. They are trained to specialise in a number of security areas and most importantly best suited for your individual needs.


For more information about Arca limited please don’t hesitate to contact operations director Christian Mayers on the following email address: Christian.mayers@arcasecuirties.co.uk