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24 Hour Static Guarding

Our SIA licensed static guards are a vital key resource to help companies reduce risks and prevent loses by being aware, alert and prepared at all times.

Arca Securities Ltd can provide support in many different situations. Typically, uniformed static guards are deployed to provide a visible security presence for our commercial clients.

We will help you to secure your company and its valuable assets by effectively guarding your premises and controlling access to them

All of our guards are highly trained, professional and licensed guards capable of providing you with the best level of protection customized to suit your business operations and matches the risk potential.

Static Guards are ideally located at strategic and sensitive locations. The key security functions they are trained to undertake can include:

  • Gate operation and access control
  • Identity verification
  • Anti-sabotage checks
  • Vehicle inspection
  • Security of materials and movement control
  • Anti-theft and anti-pilferage checks
  • Guarding of vital installations
  • Protection of offices, equipment and buildings
  • Static surveillance and intelligence gathering
  • Guarding of cash and valuables
  • Traffic control and parking protection

Our Static Security Guards are on the front line and provide the ultimate solution for the prevention of loss to any company.