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Assisted Living & Supported Housing

As specialists in the Assisted Living and Supported Housing security field, we are committed to meeting specific client requirements with unparalleled professionalism and confidentiality. In such a specialist field we are able to ensure all Arca Securities staff are SIA licensed, fully covered by £5,000,000 liability insurance, have enhanced CRB checks and meet the new ISA Barred lists rulings.

All of the Arca Securities team are given full guidance through appropriate training, policies and procedures to ensure they consistently meet the challenges presented by the housing service clients and have the experience and knowledge to deal with victims of

  • domestic violence
  • anti social behavior
  • vulnerable or socially excluded individuals
  • residents with learning or physical difficulties
  • young people leaving care
  • woman with complex needs
  • refugees and asylum seekers
  • ex-offenders or those who are at risk of re-offending
  • rehabilitation of the homeless
  • residents with a history of mental health
  • plus, drug, alcohol and substance misuse residents

We are working with a number of the UK largest providers of housing and support for vulnerable and socially excluded people, offering vital overnight and weekend security. Within this challenging, and at times potentially volatile envirnoment, our security officers provide peace of mind for the employees of the housing organisations, the residents and local communities as well as the probation service and local police.

The presence of Arca Securities Concierge Officers prevents many negative situations from arising. Arca Securities helps support clients in reducing anti-social behavior, nuisance complaints from neighbours or the community, and harassment of service residents by always maintaining a detailed security log and co-operating with local authorities.

This is a specialist security area and at Arca Securities we are able to give you the confidence of extensive experience in this field. We continuously consult with staff and clients and work with them to reach an appropriate and mutually beneficial solution to any problems.

Arca securities staff are trained in the following course:

  • Dealing and spotting substance abuse
  • Professional boundaries
  • Dealing with victims of domestic violence

We believe keeping up to date with such training ensures our staff have a frequent reminder of what proceedures to follow and what level of service is expected of them when dealing with difficult situations.

In addition to the prevention and handling of any volatile situations, having night security concierge on bail hostels and assisted living projects can also provide supervision of home detention curfew orders and tagging systems. Any breaches of such orders will be reported, which assists the client and authorities, and also gives the local community peace of mind at all times.

At Arca we aim to provide the highest level of security and service to all of our clients with the emphasis on quality and continuity. We provide a stable and secure environment for our clients, the service residents and the local community.  We pride ourselves on the long standing relationships we have built up with our clients and the trust we have with them is paramount to our success.

We are unreservedly committed to the principles of equality. Our policy on equal opportunities is reflected in all aspects of our service to ensure we accommodate and respect all diverse ethnic, religious and cultural groups, being sensitive to their specific needs. All the individuals in the assisted living houses are treated as individuals by the Arca Securities team rather than defined by their problems.  Arca Securities Ltd is very much there to work with the support teams in each house and ensure the residents are in a safe living environment.