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Construction Security & Site Security

Theft and vandalism is on the increase. Our uniformed guards can provide the visible security you need to deter crime from your construction site.

Thieves are often on wait for constructions sites to overlook the need for a security presence.

All of our services are flexible and can be customized  to your exact requirements. Many constructions sites we work with have a combined and evolving security plan – as a site build progresses and equipment left on site becomes more valuable and of more potential interest to thieves the level of security is stepped up.

The following services are often combined to offer an overall security plan

  • Security signs
  • Mobile Patrols
  • Manned Guards
  • On-site patrols
  • Alarm response
  • Welfare Unit hire

After in-depth discussions with yourself and your team, we would look to carry out a full risk assessment of the site prior to putting together a security plan quote.  We are here to keep your site and your investment safe in the best and most effective way possible.